About Us

What is Excite?

In early 2021, a few aspiring star seekers found themselves wandering down a similar path, seeking a way to further express their love for their hobby to the world. Coming together with a shared goal, Excite was established in 2021, creating a clear path to expression and a beacon signaling to the world this nirvana. We want to help inspire you to be something more. We want to help you express to the world that you ARE something more.

Meet the Team!

Kyle - Co-Founder

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Kyle's journey to find his own means of self-expression wasn't always so clear-cut. "Uh, hi, I'm Kyle (ha ha)", started Kyle when introducing himself. "Yeah, but no, it wasn't really that easy, at first. When I was growing up, I always kinda had this idea, y'know? This idea to really put myself out there. But I guess I just thought of it as just being a stupid dream and nothing more, at the time. I ended up going from different jobs—working as a laborer, doing volunteer work, on and on—it was just a way to get by. But at the end of the day, I was a gamer. After work, I'd login to whatever I was playing and just really relax and chill with my friends; it was good. But when I went out, no one knew that version of Kyle—no one knew what I really liked doing. It was always, 'Kyle, what do you do for work? What do you for fun?' And what would I tell them? 'Yeah, I, uh, do labor work, and I play some games'. I wish I could have told those people something more, y'know? And one day, I thought, 'Hey! What if I could find a way to really express who I am, what I do? What if I could help other people to their own expression?' And after getting my BBA (Bachelor's of Business Administration), getting some work experience at a few universities, I got in a conversation with my buddy Matt, and we just really brainstormed for a week. The day after that conversation (the end of the week), it all clicked, and we knew what we wanted to do. Fast-forward a few months, we got one of my university pals (Kevin) to walk this path with us, and the rest is history, I guess (ha ha)". - Kyle when asked about his journey with Excite so far.


Matt - Co-Founder and Graphic Designer 

"Yeah, this was all my idea (ha ha)", joked Mat when asked about how his journey with Excite and how it all started. "No, but really, I'd already been thinking about this concept long before it became a reality with my partners. Before all this, I was already doing a lot of graphic design—I'm a graphic designer by profession—self taught, by the way—and I'll admit, I did some pretty crazy stuff on some pretty big projects over the years. But it didn't start out like that, of course. Thanks to my mother, I really got into drawing when I was younger. Naturally, I continued with that passion and really worked at honing my gift until I got a lot better, and then I eventually started getting into graphic design after some goading from some friends of mine. I started out small with some merch designs for a few metal bands and all that gnarly ghoulish stuff, and then I slowly made my way into the automotive industry drawing trucks for a few known Influencers on Instagram. Not long after, I met and formed a business with a known automotive influencer Cris a.k.a. TruckGuru and formed Truck Guru Marketing & Design—we really built a solid friendship like no other. And yeah, I got the opportunity to work some amazing automotive projects for some well known celebrities and athletes, and honestly, things are better than ever with that part of my life. But there was still almost this nagging in the back of my mind. I thought, 'Why not take my designs to something I can at least wear,' y'know? Getting together with Kyle the one day really started getting everything in motion, and then this Kevin guy just randomly showed up and—boom—now, we're pumping out some sweet merch designs for everybody, with more on the way. But yeah, it's been a pretty exciting process, and I can't wait to take Excite to the next level. I hope to see everyone wearing our brand one day." - Mat when asked about his journey with Excite so far.

Kevin - Co-Founder 

Originally from a small village in the northern Northwest Territories, Kevin's journey began from humble beginnings. "I once saw a polar bear digging through our trash", laughed Kevin, talking about an amusing moment from his childhood. "When I moved, there really wasn't a whole bunch to do. Went to school, did chores, went to work—it was all pretty...standard. And yeah, I played a lot of games. Don't you dare! Don't even get me started on Runescape (ha ha)! But yeah, I think some time in the middle of college, I knew that's not all I wanted to do. Y'know, I played games. I goofed around with my friends on those games...got banned on a few of them, too (ha ha). But, all those...memories I shared...it really helped shape me into the person I am today, y'know? And I just realized—whoa—there really isn't much out there to help me express to everyone that joy I felt playing those games. I sat there with my friends, played my games, but no one outside that circle really knew what I felt when I sat down on that chair. And I was thinking, 'There are so many people out there like me'. And when I got my BBA (Bachelor's of Business Administration), I kinda felt this...inspiration to do something greater. When Kyle and Matt got a hold of me (contacted), I was pretty excited. I finally felt that I had a way to really express myself to the world. Excite, to me, is my canvas, in a way. But yeah, Matt does the art (ha ha). I like to think I influence his brain (ha ha). But yeah, it's been a real journey for me, and I'm EXCITEd (exaggerating the EXCITE) to see where this will take us and what new, creative things we can inspire in others," - Kevin when asked about his journey with Excite so far.